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BP Spends Millions on Advertising to Protect it’s Public Image p2

Along with television commercials like the one I showed you in my last post, BP is also purchasing paid search links on search engines like Google to further help protect its polluted public image.

If you search for something like “Oil spill” or “Gulf Oil Spill” on any given search engine, you will see an AD by BP at the top of the list under those “Sponsored” search results, linked to a favorable webpage.

We shall see how well this marketing campaign will improve BP’s image two months from now when the gulf is transformed into an oily spew of death and the Gulf states are covered with oil. My moneys on, not so much.


One response

  1. Spending millions on an advertising campaign? Hmmm… wouldn’t the millions be better spent, oh, I don’t know… cleaning up that area? Brainstorming a way to stop the oil flow? Making slight reparations to the companies that didn’t get any anticipated Memorial Day crowds because their tourist destination was ruined, and continues to be ruined, by this disaster?

    July 7, 2010 at 5:54 am

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