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Critics Comparing Barack with Mr. Spock. What is wrong with you people?

As I’m sure you’ve heard; Opponents of Barack Obama, News Pundits and everyone in between have been criticizing the President because he is not showing enough emotion towards the Gulf Oil Spill situation. Even comparing Obama to Mr. Spock.

First of all, as a Star Trek fan, comparing Obama to Mr. Spock (for me) sounds like one hell of a compliment. Sure, he had some trouble with emotions… but he was exceptionally awesome at everything else he did; and was pretty much the best character on the show.

But really, all this fuss over President Obama not being on his knees yelling towards the heavens, “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” is ridiculous. I know you people are scared, horrified and vastly upset over this Oil Spill, but what is showing more emotion going to do? How is it going to help anything? Will it plug up the hole? No, the only thing it might do is plug up your fucking mouths. Actually, probably not; because once he shows emotion, critics will say, “Oh, he’s angry. Wow. But what is he doing about it?”. There is no pleasing you monkeys.

Personally, I like having a President who is capable of distancing himself from his emotions, not letting them get the better of him, while he does his job as a fucking President, clear headed and appropriately.

We didn’t elect him to cry and make a hissy-fit every time a natural or man-made disaster happens. We elected him to run the country and deal with those disasters.

This whole controversy is just ridiculous. Get a grip people.

Hmmmm.. Although, I do see somewhat of a resemblance…


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