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BP Spends Millions on Advertising to Protect it’s Public Image p2

Along with television commercials like the one I showed you in my last post, BP is also purchasing paid search links on search engines like Google to further help protect its polluted public image.

If you search for something like “Oil spill” or “Gulf Oil Spill” on any given search engine, you will see an AD by BP at the top of the list under those “Sponsored” search results, linked to a favorable webpage.

We shall see how well this marketing campaign will improve BP’s image two months from now when the gulf is transformed into an oily spew of death and the Gulf states are covered with oil. My moneys on, not so much.


From Blogspot to WordPress

I have once again transferred to another blogging platform. I went from a self-hosted platform, to Google’s blogspot, and now to Just so my readers know (the ones I haven’t lost from my excessive blog transformations), I will not be transferring again to any other platforms; I am here to stay.

So why the transfer from blogspot to wordpress?

Not that anything is wrong with blogspot ( in my opinion), but for some reason there is a stigma attached to using blogspot in the blogger world. I myself do not find anything particularly distasteful about blogspot. In fact, I find some features of blogspot to be more pleasing than wordpress. Particularly, the freedom of design.

Today as I searched through wordpress’s limited themes available for the free-hosted users, I almost vomited from the site of a few of them. No, seriously. I actually felt nauseous at the unbelievably ugly site of some of these themes.  Of course, I know the reason why wordpress chooses to make only the most hideous themes available. WordPress is trying to encourage folks to buy the custom CSS option or go with a self-hosted platform.

While this is a brilliant marketing tactic, I feel a bit of  spite towards them because of it. I was about to say, “fuck you, wordpress. I’m using blogspot” but, as you can see, I submitted. Why? Because unlike the stigma that is attached to blogspot in the blogosphere, wordpress on the other hand has a reputation of being a professional blogging platform. For the real bloggers.

And I am a professional, god damnit.

Whether this is ultimately true or not of wordpress, I am a professional blogger of awesome damnit; and I shall use the platform that will best convey this. And I feel my content will transcend the ugliness of whatever theme out of the 94 available I may be using at any given time anyway. Fortunately, wordpress occasionally comes out with new themes. So I have that to look forward to. I just hope they will show some mercy and provide some pretty ones.

At the moment I am using a theme called Regulus. It is one of the few not-so-bad ones I found. And this particular one allows me to customize the header, so that is a plus. However, I cannot change the colors of the layout (other than the pukish ones available). So as of now I am using the ‘plain white’ option, which makes it bearable.

Well, anyway. There it is. I’m a wordpress blogger now. I hope I will not come to regret this decision…

New and Improved has undergone a dramatic change from being just plain old awesome, to being insanely awesome. Well, at least the beginning stages of its transformation into insanely awesome. I switched from a paid hosting service (Host gator) to a free one (blogspot) because I was getting annoyed with the costs it took to maintain it. Fuck that. I want to spread my valuable opinions for free. You’re just lucky I’m not going to charge you for it.

The changes that will be made from my old method of blogging, mainly for all intents and purposes, to entertain you sorry homosapiens, to a more opinionated and offensive method of blogging. No more Mr. Nice blogger, mother fuckers.

You will receive my harsh critique on everything from politics, and the fucked up leaders we have that are ruining the world and all you ignorant hicks who vote for them, to the entertainment industry, with all the fucked up celebrities who you lay folk constantly obsess over because your lives are worth shit. I will also from time to time post hurtful, offensive critique on other bloggers and their so-called ‘opinions’. To paraphrase, I will have a strong opinion on almost everything.

Feel free to comment on my material in anyway you see fit. No need to be polite or reasonable when you do, as I will spare no such luxury for you when I respond.

Note: Not all my posts will be misanthropic in nature, I have a pleasant side as well.
See ya later.

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