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My first demotivational poster

Mr. Trump, ya fired. …or, burned, if you will.


Misanthropy | Oh, the Humanity

For most of my life I have had a growing misanthropic view of humanity. It all started around the age of nine, when I discovered Santa Clause was an elaborate hoax created by adults; It broke my heart. And it was one of the factors that contributed to my distrusting and cynical nature.

However, I have always at least tried to give people the benefit of the doubt by allowing myself to believe people are inherently good. Unfortunately, I usually find the opposite to be true. For example, when I lived in my first apartment with my Irish drunkard friend, we knew a guy who had just been evicted from his place and was on the streets. Being the awesome individual that I am, I allowed the bum to free-load for awhile, while he got back on his feet.

Now, keep in mind I, as well as my circle of friends, knew this guy since we were little. Well, since we were in our middlish teens. He has had a reputation of being a real stand up guy. Indeed, he was one of the most trustworthy friends I knew at the time.

Long story short, he eventually stole my wallet while I was carrying over $500 dollars in it, which was basically all my rent and food money. He also was involved in a plot to rob his best friend with some other sheisty individuals (his fucking best friend). This asshole robbed his friends and disappeared into the night. (We have no idea where that fucker went off to. If he knows whats good for him, he won’t come back)

I learned two things from this experience:

(1) Don’t carry around large amounts of money in your wallet.

(2) People will fuck you in the ass if you give them the opportunity.

I have tried since to restore what little faith I had in humanity at the time, but I can’t; most of the time I can only see the worst in people. And can you blame me? Look at the world we live in. Blood sucking corporate entities, sheisty political puppets (controlled by corporations), child-molesting holy men, war,war contractors who profit from war, Jersey shore, Fox News, etc.

It is truly mind boggling when I think about evolution and what sheisty, evil, greedy little creatures we have evolved into.

Don’t get me wrong though, I believe people are capable of being good, and even great individuals. I believe they exist, I mean, just look at me. ;J

However, I believe the majority of people are just fucked up and have evolved into douchebags.

From my point of view, something like regulating corporations and the financial industry is just common sense. Why is it that people cannot see through the propaganda that is being fed to them? People are so easily manipulated to advocate and even fight for what is completely the opposite of their interests.

“We want deregulation! Only a completely free market will solve all our problems! Aduurr” -TeaDoucheBagger

Lets face it, people need to be regulated. Not just in the business aspect, but in pretty much all aspects. It’s sad, but true. Without a governing body and laws to keep people in check… well, shit would be fucked up. I’m guessing that was why organized religion was created (besides the whole coming up with a meaning of life thing), to keep the masses in check by telling them they will burn for eternity if they act like assholes. What I find interesting is that a lot of religious people are assholes anyway, not even the prospect of burning in hell will stop their evolved douchebag nature.

I will save my religious insights for a later post. For now let me just say this… the kind of people I like, or at least tolerate, are the ones that have a code of ethics not because some God will burn them if they didn’t, but because they are actually decent people who are capable of empathy and actually enjoy being a good person.

I will now leave you with a quote that has stuck with me for awhile, it was created by some guy in the middle ages speaking through the point of view of a God or Gods.

“We have made you a creature, such that you may, as the Free and Proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer.”

Scientists Create a Synthetic Cell

It finally happened. Scientists have created a Frankenstein monster! Well.. not really. But they are coming closer to it, as synthetic biologists have created their own genome with bio-genetic engineering technology and injected it into a dead, empty cell; effectively creating artificial life.

What does this mean?

(1) Religious kooks are going to go nuts with this.

(2) We are one step closer to discovering the mysteries of life. (As well as creating a freakish Frankenstein monster)

More info:

Their timing was perfect, as the movie “Splice” will be coming out next week!

New and Improved has undergone a dramatic change from being just plain old awesome, to being insanely awesome. Well, at least the beginning stages of its transformation into insanely awesome. I switched from a paid hosting service (Host gator) to a free one (blogspot) because I was getting annoyed with the costs it took to maintain it. Fuck that. I want to spread my valuable opinions for free. You’re just lucky I’m not going to charge you for it.

The changes that will be made from my old method of blogging, mainly for all intents and purposes, to entertain you sorry homosapiens, to a more opinionated and offensive method of blogging. No more Mr. Nice blogger, mother fuckers.

You will receive my harsh critique on everything from politics, and the fucked up leaders we have that are ruining the world and all you ignorant hicks who vote for them, to the entertainment industry, with all the fucked up celebrities who you lay folk constantly obsess over because your lives are worth shit. I will also from time to time post hurtful, offensive critique on other bloggers and their so-called ‘opinions’. To paraphrase, I will have a strong opinion on almost everything.

Feel free to comment on my material in anyway you see fit. No need to be polite or reasonable when you do, as I will spare no such luxury for you when I respond.

Note: Not all my posts will be misanthropic in nature, I have a pleasant side as well.
See ya later.

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